My first post! Woot woot!

Welcome to Page Prescription!

Books are the best therapy, and I don’t know about y’all, but ya girl needs a lot of therapy! 😂

I’m starting off this healing journey with:

“The Revolution of Marina M.”

By Janet Fitch

So far so good! I’m only about a quarter of the way through, but, I find the story ironically poetic, or…justly poetic?

Hhhmmmm. I’m not the best at this ya’ll 😂

Annnnnnywho….I picked this book for a few specific reasons.

1) When you are depressed, and/or overly anxious, you are naturally mentally and physically exhausted. Due to this exhaustion, I had taken a year long sabbatical from reading. I figured to get motivated to start reading again I’d pick up something simple and fun. An easy read that would make me swoon and smile. This fits the ticket. Eloquently written with an easy flow to it.

2) I wanted to be able to guarantee that whatever book I picked, it would keep my interest. Really hook me. A strong jumpstart to becoming an avid reader again. This book is a historical fiction written by an established author. Ba-da bing Ba-da boom…..I’m hooked.

3) This is probably the best reason why I picked this book. With all the libraries being shut down due to Covid-19….I wasnt sure where I wanted to get my new read. So what did I do? I went to good ole Walley World…found the $5 book bin, and fished me out a hardcover winner!


I have already found a few lines from this novel that have really touched me. Words that I found both articulate and applicable to my life. Especially at this point in my life, with all of its rough edges and uncertainties.

I look forward to going through Marina’s journey, page by page. Maybe I’ll learn some things about myself alongside her?

I’ll keep you posted. ❤