“Terror stretches time- all of hell can exist in a moment.”

-The Revolution of Marina M.

-Janet Fitch

I think this line is beautiful.

I’m not sure why.

It’s not about a beautiful thing.

Or a beautiful concept.

Such a poetic way to describe fear.

Fear- such an ugly thing.

In this blog, I write about quotes and lines that take me off guard, grab my attention, make me stop. They always grip me on a personal and relatable level.

This one took my breath.

I’ve gotten into the terrible habit of letting Fear control my life.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have not had many truly terrifying experiences. However, somewhere, somehow, I let fear creep in little by little through my anxiety and depression. Seeping into my body like a toxic gas leak.

It truly does morph your perception of time and reality as you know it.

I’m trying my hardest to combat my fears.

I hope you are too.

I hope you find healthy outlets to help you cope.

Find something that can turn the ugliness of your life, into something beautiful.

The picture above is a concept piece I made.

I had so much hurt and anxiety built up inside me, fathered by fear.

I angrily jotted down a poem to rid myself of the toxic emotions. As soon as I finished the poem, I decided I wanted to turn my ugliness into beauty.

Regain control and power.

That symbolic transformation birthed the portrait above.

It’s something just for me.

A constant reminder that I have the power to transform.

My foundations may be crude, but the finished product is beautifully me.

Fear to Love.

Terror to Beauty.

Take back your life and your time.

Thank you for reading. ❤

6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Absolutely! Very inspiring post! Anxiety is fear and it can definitely control you. I’ve found that exercise helps along with naps. And writing, of course. Luckily, there are many outlets!

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      1. Yes, I can have a few beers and some coffee but I watch my intake, too. It’s not bad most times though and I’m not going to give them up completely if I can help it. Haha. Besides, while drinking beer, I never feel any anxiety. I don’t have a hangover the next day but my anxiety comes up sometimes but not always. I don’t drink a ton when I do either which helps. I also throw in plenty of exercise and stay busy which I think is very key.


  2. I was just having a conversation about fear with my granddaughter Emily. Fear can keep us safe, but it can also keep us from living, from experiences, from growth.

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    1. 100% agree with you Cristi! That’s also a very wise and commendable piece of advice to hand down to your grandchildren. I never realized how critical balancing my fear was, until I was an adult.


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